David’s Story

David arrived at Branas Isaf at 14-years-old, having experienced neglect and emotional abuse and perhaps sexual abuse, before he was removed from the family by Social Services. He was extremely vulnerable and emotionally fragile upon admission.

Branas was charged with providing him with therapeutic, educational and pastoral support. Our multi-disciplinary team of therapists, care and education staff supported David in developing his identity and development of self-esteem. Because he was very fearful of attending school with his peers, he was initially home educated until he was emotionally ready to integrate with others.

David finished school and was supported in his transition towards a placement at a local college, where he excelled. He also developed healthy relationships, which led to friendships outside of his studies. He was very proud to have received an award as a top student across a group of colleges.

Now 17, David lives independently, choosing to live in North Wales and continue onto a further college course. He lives in a large house with another resident and has the benefit of support as he continues into adulthood.