Special education needs

All of our young people have special needs. At Branas Isaf we cater for educational, emotional and social development; this covers the entire spectrum of young people, from our brightest to those who need the most support.

Educational courses are designed to encourage individual progress in each of these areas. The combined efforts of care, therapy and education ensure the wraparound holistic support needed to give the young people self belief and trust to meet the developmental requirements of their statements and personal needs.

Wherever possible, the course will be accredited and guidance given for future career progression. As in all areas of Branas Isaf’s care, particular detail is given to the design, monitoring and reporting of the development of each child.

Vocational Education

An additional facility is available to students at our specialist Vocational Studies Centre, Branas Isaf school, which is within easy reach of our residential homes. Here the students can take part in a number of vocational areas which, in addition to gaining relevant qualifications, help to give our students a real insight into the world of work.

The three main areas of study are currently carpentry, joinery, bricklaying, plastering, and painting & decorating. Depending on the capability and intended career aims of the different students, separate study courses are run at appropriate levels to be able to meet their needs as individuals. In addition to broadening their qualification portfolios and future career outlooks, over time, young people can build up an impressive array of practical skills and knowledge that will stand them in good stead as they progress towards living independently.