About Branas

Over the course of more than 20 years, Branas Isaf has grown from a small family business with one home to being recognised as one of the market leaders in the specialist field of working with young people with complex interpersonal behavioural needs. We have a proven ability in meeting the needs of young people with interpersonal abusive behaviours, abusive acting out behaviours and/or behaviours which make them vulnerable.

Our Management team has a depth of experience and expertise and supports a body of staff chosen specifically for their professional and personal skills, and track record in working with young people who may have experienced severe trauma.

We have a number of homes in differing locations, along with a dedicated in-house therapy department and fully registered school and strive to continually develop our services whilst maintaining the high-quality standards expected of us. This can be evidenced in our recognised success within the sector and impressive Registered School and Registered Children’s Homes’ inspection reports.

Branas Isaf’s ongoing commitment to developing services includes our participation in government-funded research into the subject of complex interpersonal behavioural needs.

As pioneers in the field, we are aware that we need to ensure that the team is kept abreast of new research and developments to enable us to achieve successes for the young people using our service. We continue to be associated to relevant organisations within the sector and provide ongoing training and information sharing, both internally and via external agencies for our staff.