The Induction Process

The Induction Plan will usually start with planned visits to the school to allow the young person to view the school and meet the staff team, the young person will receive a tour of the school, discuss their options (key stage 4/5) and receive all information and uniform to support their transition into Branas School.

Following the visit to the school a transition induction plan will then be put in place to support a successful transition into the school and to enable the school staff to begin the process of gathering baseline assessment information. This will include information about the young person’s academic and cognitive functioning particularly in reading, spelling and maths; and about their social and emotional needs. This information will be gathered through formal assessment and informal teacher assessment.

The baseline assessment data will be used to inform the targets for an Individual Learning Plan and programme of study for the remainder of the placement at Branas School.

Each pupil is allocated a key tutor who is responsible for the learners individual learning plan, support the pastoral needs of the young person, and to report to and attend any planning or review meetings for that pupil. It is also the responsibility of the tutor to support the pupil to integrate with his peers within Branas School, and to ensure that in the first weeks the pupil is able to become a valued member of the school community.

The pupil will follow and individualised timetable, learning in a small group setting where differentiation and inclusive practices are the key to helping them to re-engage in their education. Additionally, some pupils receive 1:1 intervention sessions during the week, to address their particular learning needs or help them to catch up on gaps in their previous education.